Ear Drops for Babies and Kids 10ml

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Young children and babies are very often troubled by earache and infections.

The “Mullein- Chamomile” ear drops with organic oils and essential oils can releive earache, as well as heal and prevent infection or inflammation of the ear.

With soft and mild composition suitable for the children’s sensitive ears, the drops can be safely used for all ages over three months old.

With organic chamomile and mullein oils and chamomile essential oil.

The chamomile oil and essential oil offer relief in multiple aspects. With anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and soothing effects, they both heal the infection and ease the pain and discomfort.
Mullein oil protects the ear from bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Its’ anti-inflammatory and soothing properties can relieve earache. It also softens the earwax and prevents clogging of the ear canal.
*with certified organic materials

The “Mullein- Chamomile” ear drops
With the dropper, apply 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day in each ear and cover with cotton.

Preferably use it slightly warm for better results and for a more pleasant feeling.

Do not apply at all in the case of ruptured eardrums.

Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Verbascum Thapsus Extract*, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract*, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil*.

*certified organic

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